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Papa Kream feeding four holes
Here we go again! BeefCakeHunters Super Street-boy Papa Kream is giving us a super performance once more. This sexy Beefcake is really porn-material, even though he had said he wasnt bonerroundus at the beginning. Just a day after our first threesome featuring his pretty wife Mendy, he never lacked the energy, hornyness, and the amount of cum we needed for this video! Hmm. The night before we discussed about the video of Papa Kream feeding four holes, I wasnt sure that we could do it the night following the threesome video. I was very busy those days and I didnt want to risk Papa Kream not having enough load. But I had to leave town pretty soon, and now I see I can never can go wrong with Papa Kream. We didnt need an introductory chat, since we all know him well, but there is always something to talk about with him and Mendy. They are both very fun and easy going. The best part started when I jumped into the bed, the sexual energy started rolling in the right direction. I really see that Mendy gets turned on by the fact of a guy worshiping her man. We both had him in the zone when our mouths were working his delicious cock.


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