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Cum On My Face!
Its good to be back, and I mean back to my old tricks again. You haven't seen alot of me lately, but the Dirty Tony we all know and love is back with a vengance! Robert is the first to feel the wrath of my come back. He has a great ass, spectacular blue eyes, and a lovely hairy chest. With such a nice physique for a corn-fed boy I just had to bring my famous tape measure more than once on Robert. He has a great sense of humor, and sounded pretty adventerous about his sexual exploits. Robert told me he didn't mind a finger or a toy in the ass while he was getting down to business, with an ass as great as his, how could I pass this one up? He protests that he is strictly for the ladies, but we all know what happens when the studio door closes. He also said that he didn't mind that I was going to be in the room while he was jerking off. You will just have to watch to see what else Robert doesn't mind me doing to him! lets just say that Robert leaves with an extra wide smile for a guy that said he would never do anything with another man. Did I mention thats its good to be back...very, very good.


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